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To Ruth, my wife, and Grace and Joy, my daughters.  Without you, I’d be falling into the abyss of self-centeredness.  This book couldn’t have come into existence if I didn’t have the love of family.  

To Satoshi, who brought a gift to mankind, and suffered because of it.  It is outrageously unfair to you, but it is fate for Satoshi to bear the burden of full proof-of-cost and proof-of-work.  It is the divine principle of the cross.  It is why truth has value.  You said you just wanted to serve.  I took it seriously.  I wouldn’t have written the book if I didn’t.

To my Redeemer, Christ Jesus the Lord, I dare not dedicate anything less than my whole being to you.  This book was written for earth but needed heaven’s agreement and divine blessing.  If it has any offenses, may you cover them with graciousness.  Should it be worthy of any praise, all the glory be to God.