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An overview

It is a focus of this book to explain why the current crypto industry is largely an anomaly, how the New Internet integrating blockchain at the TCP/IP base layer will happen despite the crypto anomaly, why only the true Bitcoin blockchain according to its creator’s vision can make this transformation, and why no other blockchain and crypto project, including the presently dominant BTC and Ethereum, has such an ability.

The book has eight parts divided into two volumes.


PART 1: This book begins with broad spiritual and philosophical backdrops, followed by a brief history of information (“The Story of Information)—how it started with symbols and written languages and led to digital humanity and its current problems.

PART 2: The book then tells the story of Bitcoin, its creation, corruption, and redemption as a preparation for the merging of digitality and physicality onto the authenticity layer of the new internet as the truth layer of digital humanity.

PART 3: The book then describes the architecture of a system that merges digitality and physicality onto an authentication layer of a new global data network integrated at the base layer with a scalable public blockchain. The authenticity layer effectively constitutes a truth layer for digital humanity.

PART 4: The book describes how the merging of physicality and digitality on the blockchain is the basis for multiple transformations to business models and applications, such as money, currency, payment, property, products, assets, tickets, finance, economic participation, cybersecurity, data, computation, automation, IoV, IoT, and a smart business paradigm. Unlimited use cases are being made possible.

Note that PART 3 and PART 4 in VOLUME I, along with PART 5 in VOLUME II, are the most voluminous parts of the book, and readers who are more technical may find them to be the most crucial parts, too.


PART 5: This part covers the more specific aspects of the system, including science, economics, technology, law, ethics, and finance, and its implications and potential applications.

PART 6: This part expounds and clarifies major misconceptions and fallacies in Bitcoin, blockchain, and crypto. The reader needs to understand why these misconceptions exist and why they are fallacious. The public has been misinformed about them. A reader who doesn’t understand these issues is unlikely to truly appreciate the importance of the correct system because such an appreciation requires insights into why the genuine Bitcoin system can do what it promises and others can’t.

PART 7: This part further explains the lawsuits and controversies related to the creation of Bitcoin and the identity of its real creator. Even readers who are not interested in history in general need to understand these matters. The public has been no less misinformed about them than the misconceptions and fallacies in PART 6. A reader who doesn’t know the truth of Bitcoin’s creation and its creator has a wrong picture of the genuine Bitcoin. PART 8: The final part of the book returns to Satoshi, the true creator of Bitcoin, and reveals a mini-cosmic picture of a small artificial universe misnomered “crypto” which has unjustly, selfishly, and ignorantly rejected its creator, who has since worked tirelessly to redeem his creation. There are profound moral lessons about humanity we can learn from the story of a technology and its inventor.